Naval Bridge Simulator

Client: The South African Navy       Technologies: Delphi, Visual C++, Presagis Vega Prime, MySQL

The Naval Bridge Simulator facilitates training of a bridge team in safe navigation of a vessel as well as all other aspects of naval operations and evolutions such as self-defence, flight operations, formation manoeuvring etc.

The basic configuration has an integrated bridge desk with conning, radar, propulsion and systems navigation positions. Inter-console inserts contain all internal and external communication operator units and various control panels such as helicopter control, weapon cut-outs etc. In addition, pelorus, bridgewing gun controller and navigation cabinet simulators are available. Deck- and bulkhead repeaters are fitted appropriately.

The Naval Bridge Simulator comprises three multi-function bridge consoles, IPMS station and an instructor workstation. The bridge simulator is laid out in a generic naval warship configuration which allows for effective training of naval crew in various naval manning situations.

The Following Are Key Features For The Naval Bridge Simulator:
  • View from naval bridge
  • Realistic ship motion
  • Realistic helm controls
  • Multi-video wall displays
  • Multifunction bridge consoles
  • Simulated RADAR display
  • Tactical Picture Overview and WECDIS functionality
  • Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) instruments
  • Scenario and time of a day definition
  • Compact installation footprint
  • Control of all simulated entities, including:
    • vessels
    • aircraft
    • helicopters
  • Control of weather conditions, including:
    • sea state
    • cloud cover
    • precipitation
    • visibility/fog