Vodacom Transmission Systems

Client: Vodacom       Technologies: Oracle, Gizmox, C#, Borland

The Transmissions Project is a high level inventory management system designed for the Vodacom Transmission Department. The System manages transmission link orders between Vodacom and its various suppliers of transmission services e.g. Telkom, Alcatel. There are two main components to the system.

TxManager Application

TxManager application is a client server windows application development using Delphi.
The application is used by Vodacom Departments and Regions for ordering Transmission Links and services from various suppliers.

The application includes the following functionality:

  • Capture and process various Transmission Link, Microwave, Fibre and Diginet orders. These order are placed via the TxPortal web system.
  • Document repository for saving all documentation relating to orders.
  • Budgets processing for the various orders
  • Capturing of Supplier and medium(Optic Fibre, Microwave) specific information
  • Reporting on the Vodacom network infrastructure, progress of orders placed on suppliers and various states of the inventory that make up the Vodacom network.

TxPortal Application

Transmission Portal (TxPortal) is a web application developed using Microsoft, Oracle, and Gizmox Visual WebGui technology.
The application is used by Vodacom Departments and Regions for ordering Transmission Links and services.

Tx Portal offers Templates for ordering the following services:

  • Pre-sales: Desktop feasibility study and site survey for new Transmission Link orders.
  • Pre-Sales: Desktop feasibility study and site survey process workflow management.
  • Infrastructure build requests.
  • Service configuration requests.
  • Transmission link ordering from external suppliers.
  • Service provisioning and infrastructure build process workflow management.

All of the Tx Manager and Tx Portal modules have email notifications to alert users of potential requests that need to be processed

Software Development Tools

  • TxPortal was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio in C# and Gizmox Visual WebGui
  • TxManager was developed using Borland Developer Studio in Delphi
  • Both TxPortal and TxManager use an Oracle 10.2g Database